Stevens Pass Alpine Club (SPAC)


Ski Racing

Stevens Pass Alpine Club (SPAC) is a competitive alpine sports club fostering the development of alpine athletes of every age, with each athlete representing the highest level of sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and personal responsibility. Stevens Pass Alpine Club is a member of the Pacific Northwest Ski Association (PNSA), which includes Washington, Oregon and Northern Idaho, and operates as a separate 501c3 non-profit organization independent of, and in partnership with, Stevens Pass Mountain Resort.

Stevens Pass Alpine Club focuses on developing great skiers, great ski racers and great people. Whether we are skiing powder or training gates our program focuses on the whole athlete. SPAC trains at Stevens Pass on weekends, as well as Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night. Ages 7 through Masters are all welcome to join.

  • We believe in providing an environment where personal growth is enhanced through the development of a positive self-concept.
  • We believe that all SPAC athletes should receive equal attention and consideration from their coaches.
  • We believe in recognizing ALL successes, taking chances & playing every day.
  • We believe in the highest standards of coaching.
  • We believe that athletes must be great skiers to be great ski racers.

With equal parts effort, attitude, sportsmanship and community, we have developed a healthy successful race environment that provides a welcoming supportive community for athletes and families alike.


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Stevens Pass Alpine Club’s Freeride Team (SPAC-FT) is a holistic, all mountain skiing and snowboarding program designed for skiers and snowboarders who want to progress their skills, build confidence, increase their knowledge, be part of the mountain community, and further their passion for winter sports. SPAC-FT’s approach focuses on technique necessary to navigate big mountain/freeride, terrain parks (jumps, rails, and features) and competition.


  • Progressing Skills (regardless of skill level) in all areas of Skiing and Snowboarding –expanding boundaries while having fun.
  • Mountain Community Participation is a huge part of what we do, fostering a supportive atmosphere where athletes grow and demonstrate mountain stewardship.
  • Competition is not a requirement to be on this team. However, we celebrate and coach athletes who want to compete in Big Mountain/Freeride, Park/Freestyle and Cross Disciplines.
  • Perspective, Resiliency, and Metal Toughness are all attributes our athletes are required to practice each week as the training we do requires these qualities to succeed.
  • Respect Gets Respect as each athlete experiences/performs differently.
  • Mindfulness, Humility & Kindness. The work we do on and off the slopes is not for everyone. With these values in mind, our training is
    conscious of our peers, coaches, parents, sponsors and others at different levels within both Skiing and Snowboard.


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