Fortune Telling: January 20th

Posted January 20, 2022


Hi folks –

Glad to share today’s Fortune Telling post – here’s what I’m seeing:

Operations: We’re still on track to add Kehr’s chair for this weekend! South Divide trail is punched in from the top of Jupiter to Duddley’s. Work will begin on Gemini early next week, with the goal of opening Jupiter by next weekend. We also have some support en route from the Heavenly Lift Operations leadership team – more to come on how they’re supporting soon.

Conditions: It’s raining again today – and I forgot my rain coat in Cali, an embarrassing move for a PNW native – but the good news is we expect it to clear by the weekend, so expect spring-like conditions, which will likely include hard snow in the morning.

Hiring: This continues to be our highest priority. We have streamlined several processes, which we expect to help move applicants through with more efficiency.
There have also been many positive comments shared with me and the team about the maze coordinator from last weekend at Hogsback. That person is Ellen, and she is a critical member of our company’s Mountain Division team. She is truly awesome and is working with the team here as we bring on new team members and implement new strategies.

I look forward to sharing another update tomorrow.

Until then…