Fortune Telling: February 4th

Posted February 4, 2022


Hello, Everyone –

Today marks three weeks since I stepped into the Interim GM role at Stevens Pass, and it’s been a whirlwind, to say the least (in a good way!). We’ve made progress, including opening Jupiter and the backside, which will be 7 days/week starting tomorrow. I also asked for your feedback, and you have delivered constructively. I appreciate your thoughts on what’s working and what could improve, too.

I’m really proud that in the last few weeks, we’ve reached 86% of open terrain – that’s a lot of progress in a short period of time, which speaks to the commitment of our team, especially from our new employees who have jumped in with both feet. I know many of you are wondering about Double Diamond + Southern Cross, and we’re focused on continuing to hire and train new folks as they reach the mountain, so we can get them spinning within the next two weeks, and to also get the lifts that are currently just running on weekends open additional days as hiring + training continues. We’re also working towards including Skyline + Kehr’s for night skiing/riding – more to come there soon. I remain committed to communicating status along the way.

On that note, hiring + training does take some time. In some cases, it also takes additional time for new employees to physically get here once hired. As we get these folks up and running, we’ve leaned on team members from different departments for added support.

It’s also important that I recognize how the vibe has changed at Stevens Pass – and it’s something I’m super proud of. Please know I remain committed to keeping the transparency high and listening to feedback.

Last, but not least, the team up here are the real heroes. They work incredibly hard and I’m personally grateful for their dedication, loyalty, and focus on making Stevens Pass the amazing place it is.

More news to come.

– Tom