Grooming Report

Lift Status Updated: Thursday, April 16, 2015 05:25 PM
Run Status Updated: Wednesday, October 07, 2015 07:23 PM

Front Side

Lift Status Day Hours Night Hours
double 7th Heaven Day: closed
double Brooks Day: closed
triple Daisy Day: closed
triple Double Diamond Day: closed
quad Hogsback Express Day: closed
double Kehr's Chair Day: closed
quad SkyLine Express Day: closed
triple Tye Mill Day: closed
Open Closed Expected To Open Hold
Run Status Notes
beginner Easy Street closed
beginner Promenade closed
beginner Tye Creek closed
intermediate Barrier Ridge closed
intermediate Blue Trail closed
intermediate Brennans Trail closed
intermediate Broadway closed
intermediate Crest Trail closed
intermediate Hagen Hill closed
intermediate Hog Heaven closed
intermediate Hog Wild closed
intermediate Hoot n Holler closed
intermediate International closed
intermediate Marmot Meadows closed
intermediate One Light closed
intermediate Rock n Blue closed
intermediate Showcase closed
intermediate Skid Road closed
intermediate SkyLine closed
intermediate Slow Poke closed
intermediate Wall Street closed
intermediate Waterfall closed
advanced Exhibition closed
advanced Headwall closed
advanced I-5 closed
advanced Panorama closed
advanced Parachute 1 closed
advanced Parachute 2 closed
advanced Roller Coaster closed
advanced Trapper closed
expert Bobby Chute closed
expert Double Diamond closed
expert Little Tree closed
expert Lower Rock Garden closed
expert Lower Terminal closed
expert Nancy Chute closed
expert Solitude closed
expert Wild Katz closed
Open Closed Groomed Expected To Open Race Groomer's Choice

Mill Valley

Lift Status Day Hours Night Hours
quad Jupiter Express Day: closed
triple Southern Cross Day: closed
Open Closed Expected To Open Hold
Run Status Notes
intermediate Aquarius closed
intermediate Gemini closed
intermediate Lower Gemini closed
intermediate Outer Limits closed
intermediate South Divide closed
advanced Aquarius Face closed
advanced Borealis closed
advanced Orion closed
advanced Pegasus closed
advanced Shooting Star closed
expert Corona Bowl closed
advanced Lower Voltage closed
Open Closed Groomed Expected To Open Race Groomer's Choice

Terrain Parks

Park Status Features Scheduled Hours
park Top Phlight Park closed
park Tye Creek Park closed
park Double Daisy Park closed
park Half Pipe closed
Open Closed Groomed Expected To Open Hold

When open for winter operations, the groomers report will be updated between 5:00am and 5:30am daily.

Runs are groomed nightly and the groomers report reflects what was groomed during the previous night, after the resort has been closed to guest access. During storm cycles, snow can accumulate on the runs after grooming has taken place, altering surface conditions. Prior to opening the resort, if time allows, our grooming team attempts to re-groom many of our more popular runs to preserve a consistent surface.

Lift Schedule is subject to change based on conditions and lift usage.