Jupiter High-Speed Quad Upgrade

Work continues on a 6-day-a-week program and the end of this large-scale project is in sight. The top terminal is assembled and waiting for electrical work that is scheduled for the end of this month. The bottom terminal is under construction and is on schedule for completion in the next couple of weeks. Electrical is planned the next 6 weeks as well as the haul rope installation. Thus far, we are pleased with progress on the new lift and are looking forward to riding in style as soon as the snow flies!

Removing the Haul Rope From the Old Jupiter Chair
Removing the Haul Rope From the Old Jupiter Chair
New Jupiter Top Terminal at Sunset
New Jupiter Top Terminal at Sunset

Here's a a cool video showing some of the more exciting aspects of the new lift construction:

Summer Ops

Summer operations continue to grow with the addition of Disc Golf this summer. The 18 hole disc golf course is accessed via the Hogsback chairlift. Once at the top, it is almost all downhill back to the base area where the 18th hole finishes.  Learn more here.


Also new this summer is a hiking trail that accesses the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) also from the top of the Hogsback chairlift. This downhill hiking trail comes in at just under 2 ½ miles from the top and winds its way through various parts of the front side of Stevens Pass.

The bike park crew has been building all summer and we are planning to open a part of our new advanced jump trail in mid-September. This trail is machine built and will feature large jumps, berms, and fast riding. It will connect with Slingshot Wookie towards the bottom. We are excited to get this trail open to the public and see what people think. A beginner trail is also in the works and construction is underway. This trail will be perfect for the first-time rider to a bike park. This trail is tentatively scheduled for early part of summer 2014.


Trail Improvement

The trail crew has been busy working on trails in preparation for winter with a lot of focus on the backside this summer to accompany the new Jupiter upgrade. You will also find some newly thinned areas for winter around the resort, but will need to get out and look for those.

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