Bike Park is Now Closed for the Season

Season Passes On Sale & Spring Update

As the snow melts (very quickly) this spring, our attention has shifted from snow to dirt and our summer mountain operations. We’ve pushed as much snow off the bike trails as we can and our hope is they dry out in time for our planned opening in late June. Mother Nature has been cooperating lately and has kicked into overdrive to reveal more and more trail every day. Soon, we’ll be firing up the mini-excavators to remove the remaining snow in the tighter and harder to reach tree areas. Stay tuned for updates on the progress, and if all goes as planned, we may even be riding trail before July!

Lot of snow to move in places

Diggin’ in to some serious snow banks to find the trail.

Rock Crusher is melting off nicely


The three pack of jumps near the top of the trail is poking through nicely.

This season we will launch our very first summer bike park season passes. Everyday season passes will be $199+tax for adults ages 14 & above. Youth ages 14 & below will be $174+tax. Daily lift ticket rates are $35 for adults and $29 for youth. The break even for an adult pass is just over 5.5 visits. Click here is to buy your season pass!

Conditions permitting, we plan to open our three existing trails right away then continue work on two new trails this summer; an advanced jump trail that flows off of Rock Crusher and a beginner single track trail that will span over 2 miles from the top of Hogsback toward Tye Mill.

Also this summer we’re planning to build a skills park in the base area complete with wooden features for all levels to hone in balance and control skills. We are looking forward to our second year in operation and can’t wait to get the summer season cranking!

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