Photo by Jordan Ingmire
Photo by Jordan Ingmire
Photo by Josh Thompson
Photo by Josh Thompson

Age: 28

Hometown: Kirkland/Skykomish

Setup/sponsors: Capita DOA, Union Team Bindings, 686 GLCR series, Coal Beanies, VonZipper Goggles, SPSS

Nicknames: Mattywain, Waino

What is your favorite zone or run at Stevens Pass to ride?
Wherever the best snow is! Typically towards the top of the mountain

What is your favorite feature in the Stevens Terrain Park and your go-to trick for that feature? (Park Riders)
Proline. A backside 540 is my safety/warm-up trick on bigger jumps.

Riding goals for 2016-2017 winter?
Learn backside rodeos

What is your favorite memory from snowboarding or skiing?
Getting kicked out of SuperPark 20 by Pat Bridges

Advice for beginners?
Ride with your friends and go on days when the snow is soft!

What is your favorite Stevens Pass event to participate in or be a spectator at?
Rhythm and Bruise has been the most fun to ride in. Especially the practice day when it's a free-for-all jam session. It's sure to provide lots of chaos and entertainment for the spectators too!

Favorite chair on a powder day at Stevens?

Where is your favorite après at Stevens Pass? 
Chipotle Chicken Wrap at the Foggy Goggle accompanied by a Snowcap and Rumple Minze

What is your go to hobby when you aren’t riding?
Hiking, Skateboarding, Creating media

Where does the inspiration and motivation to pursue snowboarding as a major part of your life come from?
The people. Lots of the motivation to progress is intrinsic but I believe, for most of us, it needs to be partnered with people who share similar goals. Especially in the mountains when it's important to maintain a buddy system for safety purposes. When I see a friend land a trick or stomp a cliff I'm genuinely stoked for him or her and I feel like part of me landed it too. This also can lead to seeing it is believing it. For example, if you see a buddy land something difficult, it may just give you the confidence you need to try that trick or a different one. Another thing I've learned the past few years, when shooting in the backcountry, snowboarding becomes such a team game. We help each other find and build features, sometimes letting certain guys concentrate on one idea or line while I'm there just to hype them up and help out in any fashion. This leads to them returning the favor when I'm feeling something different!