Hometown: Snohomish
Years on the shred: 10

Q&A with Joe Bosler:

Best memory at Stevens?
Very hard to say because when you grow up in such a sick location every day that I can shred at stevens is my best memory, But last year we had some runs with some old friends and that could of been some of the best ever.

What shred flicks have you been in lately?
Sakadat Funk: Show me da Footy, Meuseum of savages.

First Tracks Productions: Hello My name is

NWColaborations: Winter Renasiance

Would you consider yourself a backcountry fiend or a park rat?
Backountry Fiend because that's what it is all about for me. No one around it is just you, some friends, the jump you built or something mother nature has constructed.

Favorite Trick:
Hard to say every trick is sick in it's own way...

Were do want snowboarding to take you?
Hopefully it just allows me to stay out here in the mnts and keep on shredding for the rest of my life or as long as I can

One of the people that has helped me the most in my career def. Parents also Jay Gatlen for pretty much makin it all happen, And all my sponsors especially Ken Perkins over at Arbor and SPSS for always being there since day one. All of the guys I shred with, D, Kurt Jenson, Shafer, Tyson, Tony richards, and Megan Ginter.