Age:  32

Hometown: Snohomish, WA

Sponsors: Arbor Coda 159, Union Atlas, Sandbox, 686, Stevens Pass

Nicknames: Bos or Bah Fah

What is your favorite zone or run at Stevens Pass to ride?
It's a secret, those are always the best. You have to ride here to know. 

What is your favorite feature in the Stevens Terrain Park and your go-to trick for that feature?
Any jump with a front three.

Riding goals for 2016-2017 winter?
To show the mountain to my family.

What is your favorite memory from snowboarding or skiing?
First video part with wildcard productions.

Advice for beginners?
Always remember you have edges (toe and heel).

What is your favorite Stevens Pass event to participate in or be a spectator at?
Rythem & Buise

Favorite chair on a powder day at Stevens?
Seventh Heaven hands down.

What is your place to grab some grub at Stevens Pass after a day of riding? 
Bulls Tooth

What is your go to hobby when you aren’t riding?
Spending time with the family!

Fun Fact about yourself!  
I land most of my big tricks in my dreams so that one day I can land them in real life.