Jake Salvador
Jake Salvador
Jake Salvador
Jake Salvador

Age:  20

Hometown: Snohomish, WA

Sponsors: @thesauceposse

Setup:  Armada BDog 176 w/ FKS 14

Nicknames: Salvie

What is your favorite zone or run at Stevens Pass to ride?
I gotta say that being in the park at Stevens with the boys never gets old. If I’m out of the park I love the squirrel trail, Grace Lakes, and the natural halfpipe on the backside.

What is your favorite feature in the Stevens Terrain Park and your go-to trick for that feature?
Gotta love the rainbow rail! Such a nice build by the park crew and is always consistent set up in top notch shape. Keeping it mellow with a blunt slide & a truck driver grab to switch satisfies my soul and keeps me sane.

Riding goals for 2016-2017 winter?
I got 60 or so days last season on snow and that was a milestone for me. I’d love to be part of the 100+ club with the boys this season. I’m hoping for some lowland snow on the west side of the Cascades. We haven’t really seen much for snowfall down below in the past 4 years and there’s some hits that I’ve had my eye on for some time.

What is your favorite memory from snowboarding or skiing?
Landing double flips at the Northwest Flannel Cup on a bluebird spring day alongside my longtime friend Keith Matsumura.

Advice for beginners?
Have fun. Nothing is worth doing if you don’t enjoy it! HAVE FUN. That’s an order.

What is your favorite Stevens Pass event to participate in or be a spectator at?
The Open Season Rail Jam at Stevens is always my favorite event to participate in. When I was 13 it was the first competition I had ever done for skiing. I didn’t really know what was going to happen at all. I was never coached or taught how to ski rails and boxes prior to doing the event. I ended up walking away with 3rd in my division and it really sort of made me question how much more I could excel in the sport.

Favorite chair on a powder day at Stevens?
Southern Cross or Jupiter chair on the backside is where it’s at. The terrain that the backside has to offer that is in-bounds is unbelievable. Although I will have to say that the powder stashes are a plenty in many different places on the hill!

What is your place to grab some grub at Stevens Pass after a day of riding?
Sky Deli, Alpen Drive-In, Sultan Bakery

What is your go to hobby when you aren’t riding?
I’m still a college kid, so when I’m not riding or serving at Azul in Mill Creek, my head is typically in some form of textbook at UW Bothell. I’ve had wise men who’ve been through the game and seen it all tell me to stay in school. If it wasn’t for them, I would’ve been out a long time ago. I don’t really have any hobbies. All I ever want to think about is skiing. I day dream about it every day I’m not doing it.

Fun Fact about yourself! 
I’ll put anyone to sleep in Halo. Also, if you see me on the hill, say hello! I’d love to take a lap with ya!