Ian Wood
Ian Wood
Ian Wood
Ian Wood

Baby Woo is down to shred, no matter what the conditions. Always having a positive vibe and smile on his face, Ian has more energy and excitement for the mountains than anybody else on the hill. Ian shreds all year round, making an annual migration south during our summer to take advantage of Chile's winter. But when the NW winter rolls around you'll find him at the top of Cowboy Ridge scoping new lines most wouldn't dare take. Welcome to the team Ian!

Age:  28
Hometown: Monroe, Wa

Trew, Karakoram, Zeal, Capita, Union, 32, Coal, Stevens Pass Snowboard Shop, Protect our Winters

Yan woo, Skookum, Baby woo, Gringo chileano

Whats your favorite type of terrain to ride?
All natu-ral baby!  Steep and deep, Pillows and poppers, Throw in some tree dodgin and you have perfection

What draws you to snowboarding?
The Freedom. A blank white canvas that I use my personal expression to create a masterpiece. Friends. Creativity. That feeling you get when you scare yourself and hold your composure.

Favorite trick?
Oh that's tough, changes a lot. Right now I am really into hand plants and draggers. But I think a method and a deep pow slash are timeless classics that never grow old.

What's up with your crew, Hot Lava snowboarding?
Hot lava is RY RY's brain child. It is a tight knit group of friends that live, eat, sleep, and explore Stevens Pass. This is our home and our love. Not many days that we are not runnin around up there. Check it out our blog at Hotlavasnowboarding.com

You recently picked up a snowmobile, what has that done for your snowboarding?
Man it's been crazy. I am not much of a throttle jockey but i am into the motos. I mostly got one to learn so at I can go work for dostiempos.cl, a snomobiling touring company out of Chile during our summer. Those guys are my heros. Make me feel like a weekend warrior. This season was only the beginning for snowmobiling. Lot's to discover out there. I need to pick Tim Wangon's brain.

What are your favorite memories from snowboarding?
My favorite memories are snowboarding with my long time friend and super hero Shaen Jesmer. He was on a T Rice level. Takin away from us far too early. He, to this day inspires me to go big and fast. Miss him very much. Also any day riding with the boys at Stevens Pass or in Chile. 

What's your favorite zone at Stevens?
My all time favorite zone at Stevens is Rooster Comb. I have only scratched the surface, so much to learn. I would have to say though for pure smiles and stoke factor TC might take the cake. Cowboy is up there too. It is so hard to have a favorite!!  It depends on the day and wind direction...

Wow this might be too long!! My fam of course comes first, so much support. The guys that paved the way for us AKA "The cronies". Brian Scheafer, Monty Hayes, Kurt Jensen, Elan Bushel, Tim Carlson. Craig and Conner at Vitalire apparel, big things to come. Sweaty the number one rep in the world. Johan and Blue at Capita, amazing NW support. HOT LAVA!! Big ups To Jordan Ingmire. His photography has helped me in so many ways, check out his site jordaningmire.com. Las Ratas. Mother nature. Anyone that inspires me to look at the mountain in a different way.   

  **All photos courtesy of Jordan Ingmire**