Ian Wood
Ian Wood
Ian Wood
Ian Wood

**All photos courtesy of Jordan Ingmire**

Age:  31

Hometown: Maltby, WA

Sponsors: Capita, Union, Coal, Zeal, Karakoram, Picture Organic Clothing, Thirty Two, S4 Suncare, SPSS

Nicknames: Yan Woo, baby woo, wooberry, Skokie, stinky woo, Daryl 

What is your favorite zone or run at Stevens Pass to ride?
The best thing about Stevens Pass is how good most every single zone is. Seventh heaven-double diamond. Corona bowl, southern cross. I have a blast everywhere. Tye chairline might take the cake.  

Riding goals for 2016-2017 winter?
The last few years I've travelled a lot for snowboarding. I'm hoping this season will be a good season in the PNW. Goal is to ride with best friends, do new tricks, enjoy deep snow, and do it all as much as possible. 

What is your favorite memory from snowboarding or skiing?
I can't say that I have one particular memory but I think my favorite memories are from the season we filmed for Community. The vibe was amazing that whole season. Riding with best friends, deep snow, amazing experiences. I've traveled the world snowboarding and every new place I go makes me realize how good we have it here. We are so lucky to call this home. 

Advice for beginners?
The key to getting good at anything is to stop worrying about how others are judging you. Accept you will crash , and that it is a very important part of learning. Accept that you will look silly sometimes. Most of all have fun. If you're not enjoying yourself then what's the point? Dust yourself off and try again. 

What is your favorite Stevens Pass event to participate in or be a spectator at?
I think my favorite event to partake in is Minor Threat. It's so inspiring to see the youngsters out there pushing themselves and having a blast doing it. I always smile a lot and revitalizes my passion to get out there and have a blast. 

Favorite chair on a powder day at Stevens?
Now this is one of the toughest decisions in life! Haha. Joking sort of. Seventh heaven, Tye, and Jupiter are up there on the list. Hogs can be the sneaker to when conditions are right. The options are endless!

What is your place to grab some grub at Stevens Pass after a day of riding? 
Nothing better than a Saturday night in the foggy giggle listening to live music. Great people and great vibes. Perfect way to end an amazing day on the hill.

What is your go to hobby when you aren’t riding?
Life right now I'm in the snow a lot! Trying to pick up surfing again and get back into skateboarding. Really getting into growing food. That's my latest hobby that I'm going to really dive into. I like to read a lot as well. Get the mind and body right. Meditation and yoga are key! 

Fun Fact about yourself!  
When I was 20 or 21 I stopped snowboarding for an entire winter. I got burnt out on the cool dude vibes and realized I would never go further in snowboarding. A few seasons later my good friend Tony Balk talked me into working nights and living in employee housing at Stevens. It changed my life forever. Fell in love with snowboarding again and did it as much as I could. Rode with the Hot Lava crew every day and went on some amazing adventures around the world. It led to me having a semi professional career in snowboarding and achieving dreams I never thought were possible. Point of the story- you are the only thing between you and your dreams. If you love something go after it full heartedly. When I dropped the dream of being a pro snowboarder and replaced it with snowboarding as much as I possibly could, the rest just fell in place.