Ben Merril
Ben Merril
Ben Merril
Ben Merril

Age:  21

Hometown: Black Diamond, WA

Setup/Sponsors: Armada, Giro / Stevens Pass, Kilo Threads @kilothreads, S/O @thesauceposse

Nicknames: Benji, Benos, Benihana

What is your favorite zone or run at Stevens Pass to ride?
Cowboy Ridge is always a hoot on a pow day. Can’t beat laps in Stevens Park either.

What is your favorite feature in the Stevens Terrain Park and your go-to trick for that feature?
The 30ft rainbow is an awesome feature that’s always silky smooth, would enjoy doing a back-slide (1 footer) on it right about now. The park crew’s creativity always blows me away, can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up for this season!

Riding goals for 2016-2017 winter?
Focusing 100% on personal style and having fun while clicked in. If I can get a few kids stoked on skiing in the process that would be the best I could ask for.

What is your favorite memory from snowboarding or skiing?
I’d have to say competing in the War of the Rails Event (RIP) back in 2014. It was surreal to drop in and ski with people that I’ve watched videos of my entire life.

Advice for beginners?
Don’t worry about the status quo in skiing, do your own thing, and don’t be afraid to take a few spills. Wear a brain bucket, your future self will thank you for it. Above all have fun!

What is your favorite Stevens Pass event to participate in or be a spectator at?
Always stoked on the Open Season Rail Jam and the NW Flannel Cup!

Favorite chair on a powder day at Stevens?
Tye Mill

What is your place to grab some grub at Stevens Pass after a day of riding?
Tye Creek Lodge

What is your go to hobby when you aren’t riding?
Landscape/Astro-Photography has become a muse of mine; I also do some skating, wakeboarding, biking, and trail running in the off-season. Always game for a hike as well.

Fun Fact about yourself! 
I like to eat an avocado and listen to the song Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield every morning before skiing.