The 2014 Northwest Flannel Cup, powered by Carter Subaru, went off in good PNW style, with big air, character building weather conditions, and fearless competitors who weren't afraid to take some lumps and get right back on the horse. The Stevens Pass grooming crew spent a few nights pushing around the soft n’ springy snow to eventually put together an even bigger and better course than last year. The morning of the competition it seemed like a giant quarter pipe had sprouted right out of the base area, making it obvious to everyone around that something major was going down.



The day started off cloudy and calm, but by the time the competition kicked off we were seeing classic PNW spring conditions: 35 degrees and snowing fairly hard. Each competitor had three runs to prove themselves, and for many the first lap demonstrated a need to reevaluate their strategy. The deep spring snow proved great for absorbing face-plants, but made getting enough speed a challenge. The course consisted of an option between a Battleship Box and a Pole Jam up top, followed by a Cannon Box, and then the jumps (the bigger of the two jump options was a 55 footer), and finally a 20 foot quarter-pipe. Eventually the Cannon Box was scratched off the list to allow competitors to keep more speed, and by the second or third go around everyone had a good grasp on the course: Game On!
Cash prizes from Carter Subaru went to the top three competitors ($750, $350, and $200) in each of the Ski Pro, Snowboard Pro, Woman Ski, and Woman Snowboard categories, and there was plenty of schwag handed out to the other winners. To sum it up: conditions were challenging, but here in the PNW we don't expect everything to be easy all the time.


Floatin' it
Floatin' it


Ski Pro
1 - $750 Josh Wirta
2 - $350 Rory Mccabe
3 - $200 Seth Hampson

Snowboard Pro
1 - $750 Ryan Paul
2 - $350 Ryan Tucker
3 - $200 Matt Wainhouse

Women Ski
1 $350 Eli Miller

Women Snowboard
1 - $750 Marni Yamada
2 - $350 Olivia Kesterson
3 - $200 Megan Middleton

Skier 18+
1 - Bradley Kopanke
2 - Austin Burns
3 - Jake Salvador

Skier 17 & Under (Brought to you by Momentum Ski Camps)
1 - Patrick Till
2 - Derek Sewell
3 - Brandon Salvador

Snowboard 18+
1 - Caleb Hamlin
2 - Jordan Penny
3 - Deverett Gupta

Snowboard 17 & Under
1 - Patrick Finigan
2 - Keala Cole
3 - Beck Otteson

Best Trick Snowboard (Brought to you by Carter Subaru): Ryan Paul
Best Trick Ski (Brought to you by ON3P Skis): Seth Hampson

Thanks to our friends at Carter Subaru and all the sponsors for making NWFC 2014 even bigger and better!

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