Nearly 60 skiers and riders came out Saturday for an impromptu session to battle it out for the title of “The Biggest Hipster” on the hip in the Top Phlight Terrain Park. Folks went huge on the hip with all sorts of hipster-tastic tricks, from double-back rodeos to front fives to just going BIIIIIIIIIG. It was an impressive showing under some gorgeous bluebird skies, that's for sure. We honored some folks with a few special awards which are listed below, but really, everyone’s a winner when everyone throws down as hard as you all did! Check out a few sweet photos from the event, and stay tuned because we'll have a video from the event soon!

The Biggest Hipster Grab
The Biggest Hipster Grab
Ken Kelley's Method
Ken Kelley's Method


Biggest Air Award: Andy Bergin-Sperry
The Hippest Award: Matt Wainhouse
Best Method: Ken Kelley
The Gnar Award: Max Dre


Biggest Air Award: Mike Knapp
The Hippest Award: Mike Knapp
Best Spread Eagle: Colby Vavolotis
Future Hipster Award: Casper Martin

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