What better way to kick off the season than a rail jam. The Open Season Rail Jam went down last Saturday in the base area and it was a sight to see! We were graced with a few inches of fresh snow and an awesome course put together by the Terrain Park Crew. Skiers and riders of all ages took full advatage of the features with an array of jibs and tricks. Shoutout to all the participants and the spectators who showed up to enjoy the show. 


Open Season Rail Jam 2017
Open Season Rail Jam 2017
Open Season Rail Jam 2017
Open Season Rail Jam 2017





Men’s Pro Ski

1st- Anders Fornelius

2nd Kory Kirby

3rd- Ben Merril


Men’s Am Ski

1st- Brandon Salvador

2nd Milo Nicholson

3rd- Evan Poremba


Judges Choice Men’s Ski

Levi Dawson


Women’s Pro Ski

1st- Rachel Boisen


Men’s Pro Snowboard

1st- Austin Vischtainer

2nd – Stefan Krumm

3rd- Patrick Smith


Men’s Am Snowboard

1st Cole Thompson

2nd- Beau Gagon

3rd- Carson Klundt


Women’s Pro Snowboard *Results amended*

1st – Kailey Stanifer

2nd- Natalia Roskach

3rd- Kim Ewing


Women’s Am Snowboard *Results amended*

1st- Erica Takano

2nd- Jeanne Del Rosario


Thank you sponsors:

Rainier, Carter Subaru, Dakine, Coca-Cola and Arbor. 

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