On December 17th we put on our annual Open Season Rail Jam during a break between storm cycles.

Open Season
Open Season
Open Season
Open Season


Video recap:


After all was said and done the results ended up as follows:


Women’s Ski Pro

1st Hannah Bergemann


Ski Men’s Am U10

1st Sawyer Davis


Ski Men’s Am 11-17

1st Connor Tilly

2nd Evan Porembo

3rd Brandon Salvador


Ski Men’s Am 18+

1st Trevor Wyles

2nd Patrick Tilly

3rd Danny Schlitt


Ski Men’s Pro

1st Jamie Baril

2nd Ben Merrill

3rd Josh West


Ski Best Trick

Ben Merrill



Snowboard Women’s Pro

1st Isabella Gomez

2nd Olivia Kesterson


Snowboard Men’s Am 11-17

1st Chad Carlson

2nd Carson Klundt

3rd Beck Otteson


Snowboard Men’s Am 18+

1st Jeffrey Gallardo


Snowboard Men’s Pro

1st Stefan Kramm

2nd Max Dre

3rd Joe Reed


We hope to get a video posted in the next couple of days, so stay tuned for that.

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