Stevens Pass Uphill Traffic Policy:

  • Yellow flashing lights indicate that uphill traffic is not allowed. Lights are visible from all entry points in the ski area
  • Due to safety concerns, and in accordance with our Area Operating Plan approved by the Forest Service, Stevens Pass reserves the right to limit uphill traffic within the resort boundary at any time.
  • The alpine resort is closed to uphill traffic during periods of avalanche control, which typically occurs early morning, but may occur any time throughout the day. 
  • The alpine resort is closed to uphill traffic any time there is an active winch cat operating anywhere in the resort.
  • Anyone seeking to travel uphill is required to call the trails hotline (206-812-7847) for current updates on potential restrictions.  Traffic volume, special events, avalanche hazards, and other on-mountain activities will be considered when restricting uphill travel.
  • No emergency services outside of "normal" operating hours.
  • Uphill activities may present a high danger of personal injury.
  • User assumes risks & acknowadges that runs are not maintained for uphill access.
  • Motorized vehicles, snowmaking & other ski area operations may be encountered.
  • Stay towards the side of the trail.
  • Position yourself so that you are visible from above.
  • Wear brightly colored cloths.
  • Dogs are prohibited during lift hours.
  • Obey all pertinent signage.
  • Avoid all areas where machinery is operating.
  • Foot traffic is not permitted at any time within the permit boundary, including the Nordic Center, outside of designated walking areas.  On-slope events may have designated walking areas.  See Patrol for details.
  • The Stevens Pass Nordic Center, located five miles east of the summit, accommodates uphill traffic by design for skinning, cross‐country and snowshoes on appropriately designated trails.   A trail pass from Stevens Pass is required to use the Nordic Center trail system.

Additional Information:

  • Snowshoeing within the Nordic Center is restricted to designated snowshoe trails.
  • For a backcountry experience, the Lanham Lake trail is accessible from the Nordic Center parking lot. There is no snow control, Patrol, or trail maintenance provided by Stevens Pass in this area. Users are advised to be prepared for winter travel in avalanche terrain. No Stevens Pass trail pass is required for this trail.
  • Areas adjacent to the Resort boundary, including the Nordic Center, receive no snow control, Patrol, or trail maintenance from Stevens Pass, and use is at one’s own risk. This includes out of bounds areas accessible from within the Resort boundary.
  • The US Forest Service provides guided snowshoe tours to the public during the season. Contact the Skykomish Ranger District for more information.
  • All lift conveyances require a valid daily lift ticket or season pass to ride.  Uphill traveling skiers/boarders cannot ride a chairlift without a valid ticket or pass.
  • Skiers or snowboarders only may purchase a Scenic Ride from Guest Relations for a single ride up the Skyline chairlift, conditions permitting.  All walk-on Scenic Riders must download on the chairlift.  Snowshoers are not permitted on the lifts.
  • Special events may be granted exceptions to this policy upon consideration by Stevens Pass.
  • Please direct any questions regarding this policy to Ski Patrol.

2014-2015 Operating Plan regarding Uphill Traffic Policy