US-2 No Pedestrian / No Hitchhiking Zone On Stevens Pass

In an effort to increase safety for pedestrians and motorists on U.S. Highway 2 over Stevens Pass, the Washington State Department of Transportation and Washington State Patrol have designated six miles of highway a legally enforceable no pedestrian and no hitchhiking zone. 

From Tunnel Creek on the west side of Stevens Pass to Yodelin on the east side (mileposts 60.15 to 66.24), pedestrians, hitchhikers and drivers who stop to offer them rides risk $124 citations between Nov. 1 and Apr. 15. 

The new regulation expands an existing ban on pedestrians walking on the shoulder to both west and eastbound lanes. The original wintertime shoulder closures to pedestrians were instituted in 2001-2002 and only applied to one shoulder.