Stevens Pass Master Development Plan (MDP)

In 2007 Stevens Pass submitted its Master Development Plan (MDP) to the Mt Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest, the resort's landlord. The plan is intended as a blueprint and overall vision for improvements at Stevens Pass over the next 10 - 15 years and is a requirement of the resort's Special Use Permit with the US Forest Service. The Forest Service has begun their initial review of the proposal.  See below to view the overall Plan.

Due to the size (KB/MB) of the documents, we are offering a text only version with graphics and appendix 6 - Summer Plan, as separate downloads. 

Stevens MDP 2012 Amendment

MPD_StevensPass_2012-Amendment.pdf  (728 KB)

Stevens Master Development Plan - Text Only

MDP_StevensPass_TextOnly-June2007.pdf   (2,284 KB)

Appendix 6 - Summer Plan

MDP_Appendix_6_StevensPass-SummerPlan.pdf (4,830 KB)

Graphic Files - Maps

MDP_Graphic_ExecSumm_MtnMasterPlan-by-Skier-categ(100).pdf (3,831 KB)
MDP_Graphic_ExecSumm_ProposedMountain-3D- View1(100).pdf (301 KB)
MDP_Fig3-2_ExistingMountainConditions(100).pdf (3,472 KB)
MDP_Fig3-3_ExistingMountain-3D-View1(100).pdf (289 KB)
MDP_Fig3-4_ExistingMountain-3D-View2(100).pdf (257 KB)
MDP_Fig3-5_ExistingBaseAreaFacilities(100).pdf (2,175 KB)
MDP_Fig4-1_MountainMasterPlan_Existing&Builtout(100).pdf (432 KB)
MDP_Fig4-2_MountainMasterPlan-by-Skier-categ(100).pdf (3,831 KB)
MDP_Fig4-3_ProposedMountain-3D-View1(100).pdf (302 KB)
MDP_Fig4-4_ProposedMountain-3D-View2(100).pdf (272 KB)
MDP_Fig4-7_MountainMasterPlan-Glading(100).pdf (6445 KB)
MDP_Fig4-8_ProposedRegrading(100).pdf (683 KB)
MDP_Fig4-9_Proposed-Snowmaking(100).pdf (395 KB)
MDP_Fig4-10_NightSkiing(100).pdf (618 KB)
MDP_Fig4-11_PermitBoundary-Changes(100).pdf (1,468 KB)
MDP_Fig4-14_Proposed-BaseArea(100).pdf (228 KB)