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Avalanche Safety & Wilderness Medicine Courses 2018/19

Course Descriptions:  (all courses must be pre-registered and pre-paid, see contact information below)

AIARE* (American Institute for Avalanche Research & Education) Level 1:

This is a 3-day/24-hour course designed to introduce the backcountry enthusiast to the fundamentals of avalanche education. At the end of the course the student will be able to recognizing avalanche terrain; know how to prepare for and plan travel in avalanche terrain; have a framework for decision-making in avalanche terrain; and be able to initiate an effective companion rescue in avalanche terrain. The class starts inside for lecture and PowerPoint discussions, and then moves out to the mountain for hands-on skills practice. All students are required to have skis or a snowboard for the backcountry. Touring gear, including shovel, probe, beacon and skins or snowshoes is required. Student to instructor ratio is 6:1, with minimum of three students and maximum of 12. 

Cost: $340 
Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
Course Schedule, AIARE Level 1:

Friday-Sunday, December 14-16
Friday-Sunday, December 28-30
Friday-Sunday, January 18-20
Friday-Sunday, February 8-10
Friday-Sunday, March 1-3
Friday-Sunday, March 22-24
Friday-Sunday, April 5-7

*The AIARE curriculum is nationally known and certified.

If you are 18 to 24 years of age you may be interested in applying for the Riley McCarthy AIARE Level 1 Memorial Scholarship. Deadline to apply is January 30th, 2017. If the applicant has taken a course before the deadline, they can be reimbursed.

Avalanche 101 Basics - Avalanche Awareness:

An introduction to safe travel in the backcountry. This 6-hour course covers the basics from understanding the avalanche/weather forecast to what safety gear is required. It will also include the basics of recognizing avalanche terrain, snow pack observations, transceiver use and companion rescue. The class starts inside, then will be outside for skills practice. Come prepared to be outdoors. No special gear is required for this class. This class has a minimum of three students and maximum of 15.

Cost: $80
Time: 9:00am-3:30pm
Course Schedule, Avalanche Basics: 
Saturday, December 22
Saturday, January 5
Saturday, March 9


Companion Avalanche Rescue:

This course is all about rescue. Learn how to use your avalanche rescue gear and rescue techniques in the event of an avalanche accident. Course includes:

  • Hands on avalanche rescue training:
  • Importance of beacon skills (burial time-survival statistics)
  • Beacon operation and search principles
  • Demonstration and practice of initial, secondary, and pinpoint search
  • Rescue practice scenarios including group management, probing & shoveling
  • Overview of first aid and emergency skills needed in actual rescues.

Cost: $125
Time: 9:30am to 4:30
Saturday, January 26
Saturday, March 16

Wilderness First Aid Class:

In this 20-hour course students will learn the fundamentals of prevention and care for traumatic and medical emergencies; CPR and Automated External Defibrillators (AED); and how to recognize and treat environmental and biological emergencies. This American Health and Safety Course (AHSI) meets the Boy Scouts of America curriculum and guidelines.  Minimum of four students and maximum of 10.

Date: Saturday and Sunday, March 30-31

Cost: $220
Course Schedule, Wilderness First Aid Class:
Groups of 4 or more may request to schedule a private course. Call 206-812-4510 ext. 4178 to speak with our Mountain Education Coordinator.

Wilderness First Responder:

With successful completion of this 80-hour course you will have the Wilderness First Responder and CPR for the Professional Rescuer certificates required by most outdoor education and professional outdoor recreation services, including Stevens Pass Patrol. Multiple days of scenario-based training will give you the confidence to recognize, and the skills to treat, medical and traumatic emergencies, with an emphasis on the unique challenges encountered in a wilderness setting. Minimum of four and maximum of 10 students.

Cost: $625
Course Schedule, Wilderness First Responder:
7 Day Course, March 23 - 30

Wilderness First Responder Refresher/Recertification:

This course may be used to recertify current Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness EMT (wilderness portions only). The 3-day course is heavily scenario-based and will provide a review and update of wilderness medicine treatment practices and evacuation guidelines. American Heart Association CPR for the Healthcare Provider is also included in the curriculum.

Successful completion of the course and both written and practical examinations will refresh the student as a Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness portion of the Wilderness EMT. Participants will receive recertification cards good for the same amount of time as their original certifications.

Cost: $300
Time: 8am-4pm
Course Schedule, Wilderness First Responder Refresher/Recertification:
3 Day Course, April 12-14

Heart Saver First Aid & CPR:

The Heart Saver First Aid course teaches rescuers to effectively recognize and treat adult emergencies in the critical first minutes until emergency medical services personnel arrive. The course also provides a complete health and safety training solution for first aid, adult CPR and AED. Students will practice skills that will require them to be on their hands and knees, bending, standing and lifting.

Cost: $50 ($40 for First Aid portion ONLY)
Schedule: January 12 and February 16
Course Schedule, Heart Saver First Aid & CPR:

Groups of 4 or more may request to schedule a private course. Call 206-812-4510 ext. 4178 to speak with our Mountain Education Coordinator.

Riley McCarthy AIARE Level 1 Memorial Scholarship

The Riley McCarthy AIARE Level 1 Memorial Scholarship will be awarded once per winter to an outstanding youth (ages 18-24) with a passion for winter exploration.  The recipient will receive a 3 day American Institute of Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) Level 1 course scheduled with the Mountain Education Department at Stevens Pass Resort, and learn a framework for decision making and risk management in avalanche terrain.   The successful recipient will be an aspiring leader of winter backcountry recreation and be eligible to participate in the AIARE Level 1 class. The application deadline is January 31, 2018. If the recipient takes a class before the deadline, they will be reimbursed. 

To apply please fill out the application form HERE.

For more information on our AvalancheSafety & Wilderness Medicine Education courses and to register, please call 206-812-4510 ext. 4178 to speak with our Mountain Education Coordinator.

NOTE: Classes can be offered on other times/days by special request for groups of four or more.