Bulk Tickets 2017-2018

Expand your playground this winter with the Stevens Pass Bulk Ticket Program. We recognize the importance of outdoor recreation at an affordable price. Companies and organizations can save up to $30 on daily ticket rates while also receiving one complimentary ticket for every 20 tickets purchased. 

Ticket Type

Regular Ticket Price


Bulk Ticket Price

Ages 16-69    9 AM - Close




Ages 16-69    4 PM - Close




Ages 7-15      9 AM - Close




Ages 7-15      4 PM - Close




Program Benefits

This program will provide your employees and organization members the opportunity to utilize discounts anytime during the season from 9am to Close. Bulk Tickets contain live RFID technology so you can skip the ticket lines and go direct-to-lift.

Many companies that participate in this risk free program utilize tickets in a variety of ways that include:

  • Incentives for employees, members and partners
  • "Thank You’s" to clients 
  • Pass on the savings
  • Promote an active lifestyle

Our customers agree that this program is a simple yet successful way to give something back to the people who make their organization great! Rest assured that this program is risk free and unused tickets can be returned for credit toward next year’s purchase.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please contact our group sales office directly at 206-812-4510 ext.4214 or groupsales@stevenspass.com.