100% Windpower – Stevens Pass is currently the first and only winter resort in the Pacific Northwest that has committed to offset 100% of its energy use (from both propane and electricity) solely with renewable energy credits from clean, sustainable windpower. These credits mitigate for the greenhouse gas impacts (primarily carbon dioxide, CO2) produced by the consumption or generation of energy.

In partnership with the non-profit Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Stevens Pass purchases approx 5,300 third-party certified carbon credits per year, offsetting 3,475 tons of CO2 annually (6,950,000 pounds); this is equivalent to parking 670 personal vehicles for a year and not driving 842,740 miles! Our investment helps support the future development of more renewable wind energy sources across the West.


Carbon Offsets - You can help keep winter cool by purchasing your own SkiGreen Carbon Offset.” These are available through our online store or at the lift ticket window for just $2, or with a season pass as a $20 annual contribution. We pass your entire contribution on to the non-profit Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

Every $20 SkiGreen Offset you buy reduces approximately 1,500 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions — the average emissions of 10 car trips to and from the mountain. A $2 offset reduces 150 pounds of emissions, or one roundtrip up to Stevens Pass and back.

How does it work? Each $20 or $2 contribution directly supports a third-party certified carbon reduction project where an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases will be kept from the atmosphere on your behalf, effectively balancing the impact of your vehicle travel to Stevens Pass.

Do more than hope for snow. Do your part to protect your ski season.

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