In recent years, Stevens Pass has received various industry and governmental awards, acknowledging our effort to green up our operations. For more information, click on any logo.


National Ski Areas Association Annual Environmental Awards
Over the years we have been proud to win a number of awards from the trade group representing our industry: the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA). Established in 1993, the Golden Eagle Awards for Environmental Excellence recognize the environmental achievements of ski areas in North America annually. Each of the eight award categories selects just two finalists and one winner.





2012 – Winner! Golden Eagle Award for Overall Environmental Excellence.
For energy conservation and greenhouse gas reduction programs


2011 – Finalist Golden Eagle Award for Overall Environmental Excellence.
For our Electric Vehicle program, and dramatic food waste composting expansion

2010 – Finalist Golden Eagle Award for Overall Environmental Excellence.
For our comprehensive mtn stewardship and carbon footprint reduction efforts

2009 – Finalist Golden Eagle Award for Overall Environmental Excellence.
For our windpower commitment, mass transit options, and efficiency efforts

2009 – Finalist Silver Eagle Award for Excellence in Waste Reduction & Recycling.
For our greatly expanded industrial, public, and hazmat recycling program

2008 – Finalist Silver Eagle Award for Visual Impact.
For general resort aesthetics

2004 – Winner Silver Eagle Award for Excellence in Water Conservation.
For state-of-the-art Membrane Bioreactor wastewater treatment plant

2003 – Finalist Silver Eagle Award for Energy Conservation/Clean Energy.
For guest and employee mass transit options

2000 – Finalist Silver Eagle Award for Visual Impact.
For Granite Peaks day lodge and base area design

1997 – Winner Silver Eagle Award for Excellence in Fish & Wildlife Habitat Protection.
For fish habitat protection during Skyline Express chairlift construction

Other Recognition

2012 – Winner Seattle Business Magazine’s “Washington Green 50” Award, recognizing us as one of the top 50 sustainable business in the state; something no other ski resort has achieved.

logo_green-wa-award_winner2012View PRESS RELEASE 





2012 – Winner Washington State Recycler of the Year, from the Washington State Recycling Association.  In 2011, this award was won by the Seattle Mariners baseball team!






Ski Area Citizens’ Coalition – Annual Ski Area Report Card
Each year the non-profit conservation group Ski Area Citizens' Coalition grades Western U.S. ski resorts on their environmental policies and practices, by reviewing public records and compiling extensive survey responses. The grades of the scorecard are divided into four categories: Habitat Protection, Protecting Watersheds, Addressing Global Climate Change, and Environmental Practices and Polices; together these categories form one overall grade. 

2013-14 – A (#1 in the National Top Ten & highest score in the PNW! Annual Ski Area Report Card)
2012-13 – A
(92.3%!  #2 in National Top Ten & highest score in PNW! PRESS RELEASE)
2011-12 – A (#8 in National Top Ten and highest score in PNW)
2010-11 – A (Top score in all of WA and OR)
2009-10 – A




2002 – Stevens Pass is recognized as a Commuter Choice Employer by the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Dept of Transportation for our free employee transit program.






2002 – Stevens Pass earns recognition by King County, WA as an EnviroStar business for our efforts to increase recycling and minimize hazardous wastes.







Member of the Sustainable Slopes Environmental Charter for Ski Areas - The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), together with its member ski areas and partnering organizations, has created a set of voluntary environmental principles to aid in ski area planning, operations and education. The Charter reaffirms the commitment ski areas have in improving environmental performance in all aspects of operations and management of their specific properties, making possible their continued enjoyment by future generations.


EPA Green Power Leadership Club
– Stevens Pass has been awarded membership in the 2014 US Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Leadership Club for exemplary green power procurement! This is the third consecutive year Stevens Pass has been awarded this elite membership because we've gone over and above their minimum standards (our offsets are 100% windpower). No other PNW ski area has this status! View our PROFILE page. In 2009, we became a certified EPA Green Power Partner, which means we are recognized by the federal government as an industry leader in purchasing clean, green power via carbon offsets, and in our support of expanded renewable energy sources.



Founding Member of the West Coast Green Highway Business Alliance – Recognized in 2011 by Washington State Department of Transportation for our support of electric vehicle use and charging infrastructure.





Recent Grants

2011 – NSAA Sustainable Slopes Grant $4.5K for electric vehicle expansion and research
2010 – NSAA Sustainable Slopes Grant $5K for food waste composting program expansion
2010 – Federal Dept of Transportation $12K federal grant to purchase electric vehicle chargers