Saturday we awoke to nearly a foot of new springtime snow and the snow just kept on coming! A little crazy weather only added to the radness as competitors started throwing down from the word GO. From smooth slides on the upper rail sections to huge gaps over the pinnacles, no one seemed to hold back! The talent was on display in a big way and definitely impressed our judges, including special guest judge Dan Brisse. A nice hot dog grill session was a perfect finale to cap off the 9th annual CAPiTA’s Minor Threat. Big props to the Top Phlight Terrain Park crew for putting together such a great course, and a big thanks to all the young'uns and their folks who made the trek today!


Minor Threat 2018
Minor Threat 2018
Minor Threat 2018
Minor Threat 2018



10 and Under

  1. James Foord-Kelcey
  2. Sawyer Mowbray
  3. Carter Hanson

11-12 Male

  1. Wyatt Cline
  2. Sam Webb
  3. Julian Norberg

13-14 Male

  1. Truth Smith
  2. Caleb Chomlack
  3. Tosh Krauskopf

15-17 Male

  1. Jadyn Chomlack
  2. Finn Finestone
  3. Milo Malkoski


  1. Maggie Cropton
  2. Juliete Pelchat
  3. Cali Carlson

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