Our first (annual!) Slayride Banked Slalom is on the books! The day was a huge success thanks to the participants who raised almost $30,000, and the dozens of partners and volunteers who made it happen. We'll have a video posted in the next few days. For now just check out the photos!


A list of every participant’s times can be viewed by clicking here. The top three in each category are posted below. 


Slayride 2017
Slayride 2017
Slayride 2017
Slayride 2017


Women’s Adult Snowboard

1st- Lily Baker  3:16.9

2nd Julia Vasiliauska 3:23.1

3rd Priscilla Stultz 3:26.8


Women’s Adult Ski

1st Jessica Jones 3:54.5

2nd Kelly Carter


Girls Grom Snowboard

1st Ava Loeb  4:30.9

2nd Audrey Snell 4:32.9

3rd Rippin’ Riley Hudson 4:44.1


Girls Grom Ski

1st Molly Kliman 2:55.8

2nd Malia Grantor 3:14.4

3rd Hudson Steere 3:17.0


Women’s Legals Snowboard

1st Savannah Gough 3:18.7

2nd Jamie Enwright 3:23.9

3rd Erica Miller 3:32.9


Women’s Legals Ski

1st Eleanor Tansley 2:35.8


Women’s Middle Age Snowboard

1st Jenny Tofe 3:33.7

2nd Sarah Steere 3:40.8

3rd Kim Niederhauser 3:41.2


Women’s Middle Age Ski

1st Jamelah Leddy 3:20.1

2nd Melissa Johnston 3:52.2 


Girls Minors Snowboard

1st Cali Loeb 3:23.0

2nd Madison McDaniel 3:36.7

3rd Annabella Polizzi 3:38.3


Girls Minors Ski

1st Lilianne Tansley 2:25.7

2nd Ally Thompson 3:01.8

3rd Rachelle Cormier


Women’s Open Snowboard

1st Marni Yamada 2:48.1

2nd Olivia Kesterson 3:04.9

3rd Hilary Mason 3:06.7


Men’s Adult Snowboard

1st Dustin Norman 2:51.2

2nd Hans Jangaard 2:53.8

3rd Kiel Wright 2:53.8


Men’s Adult Ski

1st Don Brockett 2:34.4

2nd Matt Niederhauser 2:47.9

3rd Michael Jones 3:09.5


Boy’s Grom Snowboard

1st Marlon Beckett 3:07.4

2nd Owen Cline 3:16.0

3rd Wyatt Cline 3:16.9


Boy’s Grom Ski

1st  Levi Dawson 3:00.3

2nd Luke Leddy 3:00.5

3rd Eli Fox 3:24.9


Men’s Legals Snowboard *Correction made on standings after further review of times*

1st  Chameron Lackey 3:02.3

2nd Pius Kazimierait 3:04.0

3rd Evan Haynes 3:04.2


Men’s Legals Ski

1st Cole Jensen 2:52.8

2nd Nick Blackburn 3:02.1

3rd Jesse Wakefield 3:04.7


Men’s Middle Age Snowboard

1st Nigel Steere 2:57.8

2nd Kris Melton 3:01.3

3rd Kyle Phillips 3:01.3


Men’s Middle Age Ski * Correction made to final standings after further review of times*

1st Nathan Turner 2:52.1

2nd Scott Thompson 2:55.5

3rd Jonathan Barsness 2:57.3


Boy’s Minors Snowboard

1st Matteo Soltane 2:55.7

2nd Keala Cole 3:10.3

3rd Cory Wilson 3:14.1


Boy’s Minors Ski *Correction made to final standings after further review of times*

1st Fox Cormac 2:38.9

2nd Cayden Wotipka

3rd Aidan Clark


Men’s Open Snowboard

1st Matt Wainhouse 2:45.4

2nd Todd Schlosser 2:50.2

3rd Bryce Yamaski 2:51.5


Men’s Open Ski

1st Dylan Bibbins 2:29.9

2nd Brian Long 2:30.0


Men’s Over The Hill Snowboard

1st Richard Kadar 3:38.1

2nd Ernie Martin 3:54.3

3rd Scott Hager 4:06.4


Men’s Over The Hill Ski

1st Marvin Tansley 2:35.9

2nd Rod Towell  2:51.8

3rd Greg Leddy  2:58.1

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