Tuesday, February 18 2014 - Friday, February 21 2014


K2 Mountain Education Center

The AIARE Level 2 course is a 4-day program that provides back country leaders the opportunity to advance their avalanche knowledge and decision-making skills. This course also includes the introductory and prerequisite components for the professional progression: the AIARE Level 3 certificate. The AIARE 2 course builds from the introductory avalanche hazard management model introduced in the Level 1 course and adds to it the evaluation of factors critical to stability evaluation.

Student learning outcomes will include:

  • Advance understanding of avalanche terrain, particularly from the perspective of stability analysis.
  • Discussing how snowpack develops and metamorphosizes over time, and discussing the factors that contribute to spatial variability.
  • Learning standard observation guidelines and recording formats for factors that influence or indicate snow stability. SWAG MODULE.
  • Advance understanding of avalanche release and triggering mechanisms.
  • Introducing a snow stability analysis and forecasting framework.
  • Improving companion rescue skills including multiple and deep burials. 

Cost: $450
Course Schedule:
Tuesday-Friday, February 18-21 (four days)

*The AIARE curriculum is nationally known and certified.

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NOTE: Classes can be offered on other times/days by special request for groups of four or more.