Saturday, April 12 2014


Showcase/Base Area

Retro Fools Day returns in all its neon glory for a fifth year!

Showcase your Euro carving skills in the slalom race and earn time deductions based on how old your gear is. After the race, head over to the old school stunt ditch and huck your meat!

There will be a mega prize raffle and awards for best dressed, fastest time in the slalom race, best trick in the stunt ditch, and most radical. The older and more retro your gear, the more style points you get in the ditch and the quicker time you'll post in the slalom race.

All proceeds will benefit the Service Board.

Register online HERE! Entry fee donation includes a limited edition Retro Fools Day 5 t-shirt.

  • $25 for adults
  • $20 for youth (under age 21)

All participants must have a completed and signed waiver (a parent or guardian must sign for anyone under 18). Waivers are available to download HERE.

Also join us for some Retro Trivia in Seattle Thursday, April 10th at the Montlake Traveler (2307 24th Ave E) from 8pm-10pm! We'll have retro trivia that's 80's and 90's themed - it's $5 per team for trivia, with all sorts of prizes to be won! And you can register for Retro Fools Day while you're there! 

Time Deductions and Awards


  • Ski
  • Snowboard
  • Monoski
  • WTF
  • Legends

**No snowblades. Period.**

Time deductions:

  • Retro Jacket: -1 sec
  • Retro Pants: -1 sec
  • One Piece: -3 sec
  • Flair: -1 sec
  • Very Old Board/skis Pre ‘92: -3 sec
  • Kind of Old Board/ski Pre ‘99: -1 sec
  • Old Boots: -3 sec
  • Post-2000 Board: +10 sec
  • Post-2000 Skis: +10 sec

**All deduction decisions are subject to change and are based on judges’ discretion (bribes are welcomed)!**

Special Awards:

  • Most Radical (The Chris Rudolph Award)
  • Hottest Snow Bunny (The Shannon Tweed Award)
  • Dirtbag (Not retro, just foolishly dressed. Jeans, cowboy hats, speed suits, etc.)
  • Best Method
  • “Hot Dogger” - Best Ski-trick