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3Pack Ultimate 5 (Ages 7-12) - Lesson Pkg

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MAXIMIZE YOUR SAVINGS! Get a 3-Pack of Ultimate 5 Lessons to redeem anytime.

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Payment Details

For 3-Pack or Explore-in-4 products, your credit card will be charged within one week of purchase.

How the Program Works

Booking Details

This product includes a discounted lift ticket and equipment rental including helmet each day.


Purchasing this product gets you 3 lessons that can be redeemed any day of the winter season. The 3 visits do not need to be on consecutive days. Once you have registered, give us a call to reserve your visits in advance and guarantee your spot in a class. (206)812-4510

Please note that 3-Packs expire at the end of the winter season purchased and cannot be transferred between children. 

  • All Ultimate 5 sessions include lunch. Single Day lessons have the option to include lift ticket and or equipment rental as add ons.
  • 3-Packs offer the most flexibility with savings of up to 22% per day. Packages include lift tickets and equipment rental plus helmet each day. If your child has a season pass and their own equipment choose the 3-Pack Lesson Only option.
  • An additional 2 hours of afternoon instruction can be added to any Single Day or 3-Pack session.


Child Lesson FAQ's

We feel that if a child is comfortable socializing with their peers, separating from their guardians, and have a desire to learn to ski or snowboard, they are ready for group lessons. Most children who successfully attend pre-school or the babysitter have success in our program. Being prepared for a peaceful separation is important! For younger children who would benefit from parental support to remain engaged in the lesson, or for those parents who would like to be an active part of the learning process, check out our Private Lesson options.

There is no magic age to start your child sliding on snow. The most important factor is to not be overzealous and to focus on having fun over skill development. If you have a very active, adventurous toddler he or she may be ready before other school-aged kids. Be passionate about your skiing or snowboarding at home. Show them some videos of kids on snow. When they are excited to give it a try, they are ready! Start with a few short lessons and focus on the fun rather than skill progression. Our Group Ski Lessons begin as young as three, and Private Lessons are for any age and we have a wide range of equipment sizes.

In terms of which sport to start with, choosing the one they are most excited to learn will be the most successful, but there are some parameters. We start group ski and snowboard lessons at age three. Our 5-week Base Camp Seasonal Program starts both skiers and snowboarders at age 5.

Yes. Your child must be able to independently use the bathroom. We have attendants to help children with their layers. Children should also feel comfortable vocalizing their need to use the restroom to their coach or attendant. All students will be asked to use the restroom before lessons start.
Reservations are highly recommended on all days to guarantee a spot in a class and expedite the check-in process. If you are planning a trip on a weekend or during a holiday we advise reserving as much as a week in advance as space in our programs fills up frequently. Reservations must be made at least 48 hours prior to your visit and our cancellation policy allows you to book ahead with confidence.
If there is room in the class, we can put children of the same discipline together. If they are of different ability levels or age groups, and they request to specifically be together they will both go into the lower group of the two.
You can use our ability level chart to help us determine your child’s level. Please keep in mind that if they have been before, but it is their first time this season, we recommend dropping down one level so they aren’t overwhelmed on their first day back. When you check them in, our supervisors will use our progress reports to ensure they are in the appropriate level. Each child goes through an on-snow evaluation during the first portion of the lesson to ensure they are in the right group. At the end they’ll get a progress report and their coach will give you a recommendation on which level to sign them up for next time!
We highly recommend renting from our facility. We have great equipment that is well-suited for beginners through advanced skiers and snowboarders. To learn to ski or snowboard, it is important they aren’t in gear that they are “growing into”. By renting, as children grow, their equipment can grow with them. Our child Ultimate and Group lessons offer the option to include rental equipment. Child equipment always comes with a helmet included.

Changes or cancellations MUST be made 2 days prior to your reservation date in order to receive a FULL REFUND.
1. To cancel, please email or call 206-812-4510 ext. 1706. We recommend you err on the side of caution if you are sick.
2. Full refunds will only be issued for cancellations received 2 days before your lesson date.
3. If you cancel the day prior to your lesson you will be charged a fee of $25.
4. If you cancel after 7:00am the day of your lesson or no call/no show you will be charged the full rate of the lesson reserved.

Please note:

  • Refunds are not given due to weather or road conditions
  • In the event of a full highway or mountain closure we will contact you to reschedule without charge
  • Refunds are not given for arriving late to your lesson or leaving early

We always recommend dressing in layers. Having too many clothes is always better than not enough! Storm systems can move in fast and carry a lot of moisture. Bringing along a backpack with spare clothes is quite common and we have space to accommodate that. Here is what they should wear:

  • Baselayer - Synthetic or wool on top and bottom. For those new to the sport, warm, synthetic (think polyester/fleece) pajamas work great!
  • Mid-layer - A fleece/down jacket or vest (and pants if snowpants aren’t insulated),
  • Jacket & Pants - Waterproof is essential, rain gear works too, when accompanied by warm layers beneath.
  • Socks - Warm synthetic or wool socks that reach to at least the middle of the calf
  • Gloves or Mittens - Waterproof and fit well to cover the wrist.
  • Eye protection - Most of the time snow goggles are the most appropriate, but on warm, sunny days, sunglasses are fine as well. For hygiene reasons we do not rent eyewear. Our retail shop, Fall Line Sports, sells children's goggles.

Please avoid dressing your child in any cotton. It absorbs moisture and can get very cold very quickly.

It’s a good idea to label all of your child’s clothing and accessories with their name and phone number.

All children participating in lessons must wear a helmet designed for skiing or snowboarding. Helmets are available for rent through our Children's Ski and Snowboard School for your convenience, and all rental packages associated with lessons include a helmet as part of the rental.

While helmets may reduce or mitigate the severity of some head injuries, their use does not guarantee safety and will not prevent certain injuries. The Resort reminds you that every winter sport participant shares responsibility for his or her safety and for that of others using the ski area facilities. Always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are elements of risk in skiing and snowboarding that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Know your ability level and stay within it. Become familiar with and observe "Your Responsibility Code" and share with other skiers the responsibility for a great skiing experience.

When you get to the resort, head over to the Ski & Snowboard School building. One of our Youth Programs supervisors will check your child in and double-check their ability level. Your child will receive a legband (to indicate they are in lessons) while you sign any additional paperwork.This is the time to say goodbye! Your child will head into the back room and you will receive your security card for picking them up after the lesson. If your child is renting gear, they will be lead to the “booting room” where they’ll swap their snow boots for ski/snowboard boots. Their skis or snowboard will meet them outside once the lesson starts. Once kids have their boots they will be lead to a table with the other children in their group. They will play games, work on art projects, and get to know each other and their coaches until the lessons are due to start.

You are welcome to check-in on your child at any time. We recommend doing this by inquiring at the Children's Ski and Snowboard School rather than approaching the instructor directly. Keep in mind our teaching area and indoor space is restricted to students and coaches only. We don’t recommend that you take your child during lunch time. This serves as a vital time for your child to rest their legs and recharge their energy. When children leave at lunchtime, they tend to rush to get back in time and thus don’t have the opportunity to get ready for the afternoon.

For those who want to get more involved, just as you do, we want your child to become the best skier or snowboarder they can be. To accomplish this task we have found it is best for children to feel as though they are part of the team. Parents can distract children from focusing on their coach and the tasks at hand. We recommend stopping by the pick-up corral ten minutes before the lesson ends so they can show off their new skills, then take your ski buddy out for another lap. If you would like to be an active part of the learning process, check out our Private Lesson options.

We order our lunches from the deli each day. They usually consist of a hot main alongside healthy sides, including apple/orange slices and vegetables. We serve water with our lunches, and children have access to hot cocoa during their ski breaks on cold days.

We can accommodate for vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy free diets. Please let us know of any allergies or dietary restrictions when making a reservation. While we don’t serve any products with nuts or shellfish, they are produced in a kitchen that serves those items. If your child has dietary restrictions outside of what we can accommodate, feel free to bring them a brown bag lunch with their name clearly labeled (again, please no nuts or shellfish).

You will receive a security card when you check your child in. You must have this card in order to pick them up. If you misplace your card the person picking up your child must be listed on his/her liability form as an emergency contact, and a government issued photo ID will need to be shown.

It is imperative one of the emergency contacts stays on mountain while your child is enrolled in any Ski & Snowboard School activity.

Children are always picked up in their ski or snowboard equipment so that if you wish to ski or ride with them after the class, their equipment rental and lift ticket is good for the rest of the day. You may return the equipment to us and retrieve your child’s shoes and belongings from the Youth Programs facility between 1pm and 4.30pm, or from the Rental Tech Center after 4.30pm.