Hiking Trails we Recommend

Cowboy Mountain Nature Trail

We have a beautiful 2.5 mile nature trail that makes its way from the top of the Hogsback Express chairlift down to the Pacific Crest Trail. Take a Scenic Chairlift Ride up and hike all the way down or just walk a little ways and ride the lift back down to the base area. The nature trail winds its way downhill through beautiful mountain meadows, talus slopes, and alpine forests to join with the world famous Pacific Crest Trail. At the intersection with the Pacific Crest Trail, take a left heading north and downhill to get back to the base area. Hikers will often see alpine wildflowers, Pika, Marmots, Ravens, Mountain Hemlock, Alaska Yellow Cedar, and the occasional Sasquatch.

Pacific Crest Trail 

This world famous trail runs more than 2650 miles from Mexico to Canada. A 2 mile hike south will take you to the Cascade Crest and breathtaking vistas of the Chiwaukum Mountains and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

Other Hiking

Stevens Pass is centrally located between the Alpine Lakes, Henry M. Jackson,Wild Sky and Glacier Peak Wilderness areas and is located on the border between the spectacular Mt. Baker Snoqualmie and Okanogan Wenatchee National Forests. These wilderness and national forest lands contain trail networks for hikers and explorers of all ability levels to enjoy.

Please Note: Pacific Crest Trail parking for south bound hiking in Lot E only. Vehicles left in other lots will be towed at the owner's expense.