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New Green Trail Open for the Season

Our newest trail: Golden Spike/Morooka Motion!

We at Stevens Pass Bike Park are proud to present the opening of our newest trail: The green circle trail Golden Spike/Morooka Motion. This beautiful and well-built gem is a green circle trail that provides a smooth and exciting voyage across a variety of landscapes on the mountain. The trail begins as a branch of Lichen It near the top and smoothly works its way down the winter run Rock N’ Blue. With a nice gentle grade and ample switchbacks, you’ll be able to get the feel of your bike while enjoying a fantastic view.


Upper section of the trail

Aerial view of the Rock n' Blue zone

A few hundred feet above the top of Daisy, the trail takes a right-hand turn across Wall Street and plunges into the forest known as “Mirkwoods” between Wall Street and Hoot n’ Holler. After cruising through the trees and across Hoot n’ Holler, Golden Spike then crosses the Lichen It bike trail and heads across the summer road to Promenade where it now becomes Morooka Motion.


Promenade section


Here the trail is fairly straight with fun little rollers to play on before it works its way over a wetland area spanned by a 300ft long wooden bridge, the longest bridge in the park!


The 300ft long bridge


After the long bridge, you’ll ride your way into the old growth trees below the run Wild Katz and run parallel to the famous Pacific Crest Trail.


Lower forest berms


When you exit the forest, you’ll cruise onto the run I5 where the trail makes a nice series of consistent switchbacks that eventually lead you back to the base area.


Last switchback section of the trail


Once at the bottom, high five your friends and do it all over again!


Video preview:



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