Bike Park Update 5-7-14

Bring on Spring!

Now that the skis and boards are tucked back in storage, it is time to start looking ahead to mountain biking season! We're not wasting any time prepping trails, and we've begun pushing snow off Rock Crusher to speed up the melt out process. Check out the video update and photo gallery below.

As spring rolls on and the mountain's white blanket disappears, you can rest assured we'll get shovels in the dirt as soon as it surfaces. This season we plan to finish up the oh-so-smooth beginner trail and really dial in P.B.R., our new advanced flow trail. If you haven't checked out P.B.R. yet, I recommend you watch this video to get a taste.

Bike Park season passes are on sale now at the same prices as last season, so get yourself all set up to shred this summer while the getting is good! Passes available here.

Can't wait to see you on the mountain for some 2-wheel fun!

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