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Is my child ready for skiing/snowboarding:

Q: If my child is not interested in skiing or snowboarding and just wants to play inside should I sign her up for a lesson program?
Answer: No, the lesson programs are for children interested in skiing and snowboarding. All children in the lesson programs must participate in skiing or snowboarding.

Q: Does my child have to be totally potty trained to attend a youth lesson program?
Answer: Yes, your child must be completely potty trained and out of training pants to attend a lesson program.

Q: My child is almost 7 years old - may he snowboard in a group lesson?
Answer: No, children must have passed their 7th birthday to participate in a group lesson. Private lessons are available for snowboarders under the age of 7.

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What should my child wear? What should I bring? (Gear Questions):

Q: What should my child wear?
Answer: Dress them to be prepared for cold weather and wet snow. Waterproof jackets and pants are a must, as well as eye protection (goggles/sunglasses), long socks and gloves. You can always bring extra layers that we can keep inside the Youth Programs facility.

Q: Does my child need a helmet?
Answer: We do not require a helmet but we do recommend it.

Q: Are helmets included with the lesson program packages?
Answer: No, helmets are not included as part of the lesson program packages. Helmet rentals are available in Youth Programs for $11; request a helmet when you make your reservations.

Q: Are there goggles that I may rent or borrow for my child?
Answer: No, there are no goggles available for rent. Our retail shop, Fall Line Sports, sells children's goggles. We also try to keep a basic goggle in stock for sale in the Youth Ski & Snowboard School.

Q: Is there a place we can leave their ______?
Answer: Kids in youth programs can leave their things in the back of the Youth Programs facility with their shoes.

Q: If my child is signed up for the afternoon lesson, can I pick up the lift ticket and rental equipment in the morning?
Answer: Yes, their lift ticket and rental equipment may be picked up after 10am. Please keep in mind that priority will be given to students that are in the morning lessons. For afternoon lessons, you cannot check your child into their lesson until after 11:30am.

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Reservation, Check-In and Cancellation Questions:

Q: When do I need to check in for morning (AM) or Full Day lessons?
Answer: Everyone must be in the check-in line of the Youth Programs facility by 9:15am. Please be aware that it can sometimes take up to 30 minutes to get from entering the parking lot to the Youth Programs facility. Reservations are no longer guaranteed and will not be refunded if you check in after 9:15am as students cannot join the class once it is underway.

Q: When do I need to check in for afternoon (PM) lessons?
Answer: You my check in between 11:30am-12:15pm. Please be aware that reservations are no longer guaranteed and will not be refunded if you check in after 12:15pm as students cannot join the class once it is underway. If you wish to pick up rental equipment from the Youth Programs facility prior to your afternoon lesson so you can ski with your child, you may do so after 10:30am.

Q: Do I need a reservation for Adventure Club or Kids Club?
Answer: Not always, but reservations are highly recommended at least 48 hours in advance for both Adventure Club and Kids Club as both programs frequently fill up. To make a reservation please call 206-812-7387 and choose the option for Youth Programs. Reservations must be made no later than 2pm the day prior to the lesson date.

Q: I purchased a 3-Pack of lessons. Should I still make a reservation?
Answer: 3-Pack lessons can be redeemed at any time during the season; they do not have to be redeemed on consecutive days. Because of this we highly recommend making reservations for both Adventure Club and Kids Club as both programs frequently fill up.

Q: If my child has an Adventure Club or Kids Club Everyday Pass do I need to make a reservation?
Answer: Yes, the AC/KC Everyday pass gets you access to the AC/KC program but you still need reservations to secure a spot in class each day.

Q: Do I need to visit the rental shop prior to checking my child into the Adventure Club/Kids Club program?
Answer: No, just bring your child directly to the Youth Ski & Snowboard School building during check-in and their rental equipment will be taken care of there. Once your child has been checked in at the Youth Ski & Snowboard School, you are free to join your own lesson, visit the rental equipment center for your own equipment needs, or hit the slopes for a great day on the snow. To view the Base Area Map use link at bottom right of this page.

Q: Can I buy my lift ticket at Youth Programs when I check my child in?
Answer: Absolutely!

Q: What is the cancellation policy for Youth Programs?
Answer: Reservations cancelled with more than seven days notice are eligible for a full refund. Reservations cancelled or changed with less than seven days but more than 24 hours notice may be subject to a $30 cancellation/reschedule fee. Reservations cancelled with less than 24 hours notice and no show/no calls are not eligible for refund or reschedule.

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Program Questions:

Q: Can I tag along for the lesson if I don’t get in the way?

Answer: Parents are not allowed to attend our group lessons. When children can see their parents they can get distracted and it becomes difficult for coaches to create a team experience within the group. Give them some space; for most small children being away from parents gives them the extra boost of confidence and independence needed to succeed in a group setting.  You can also take a Me and My Kid Private Lesson together and the instructor will give you loads of tips for creating a positive experience helping your child learn to ski or snowboard.

Q: My child has a reservation for a full-day of Kids Club, what will he do for the day?
Answer: Kids Club is for the youngest skiers, ages 3 - 6. These young children have many needs and we try to adjust the day to give them a great learning experience. Kids Club lesson participants will spend the day in short lesson segments ranging from 30-45 minutes with frequent breaks for snack, snow play, indoor play, and lunch. In a full-day program, the Kids Club participants will ski for approximately 2 hours.

Q: May my child use the lift ticket and rental equipment after the lesson?
Answer: Yes, the lift ticket and rental equipment are all-mountain, all-day items.

Q: What is served for lunch in the Adventure Club/ Kids Club full-day programs?
Answer: Our food and beverage staff works hard to create a balanced menu of foods that kids will actually eat and will fuel their adventures well into the afternoon. The menu changes day by day and includes simple treats like apple slices and carrot sticks served alongside chicken fingers or mac & cheese. Water is encouraged in all weather. If your student has special food needs (allergies, vegetarian, etc...), let us know with your reservation. We can accommodate just about anything. If your child has an allergy that is harmful to their health, we ask that parents supply a brown bag lunch for their child labeled with their full name. While nut products and shellfish are never included as ingredients in our lunches and are not permitted in our facility, these meals are produced in a kitchen where nut products and shellfish are present.

Q: When am I supposed to be back to pick up my child?
Answer: Morning Half Day lessons end at 12:00pm; Full Day and afternoon Half Day lessons end at 3pm. After class coaches have time to chat with you about the lesson and discuss the next steps for your child.

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