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Reservation/Check-In Questions:

Q: Do I need to make a reservation for the Easy 123, Easy Starter, or Progression Sessions packages?
Answer: You don’t need a reservation, but having one will save you a lot of time in the rental shop on a busy day. You can purchase your lesson packages and reserve equipment by making a reservation online. You must reserve online by 2pm the day prior to your visit.

Q: How long will it take me to drive to Stevens Pass?
Answer: Driving time from downtown Seattle to Stevens Pass is two hours on bare roads and with no traffic. Drive time from Leavenworth is an hour. Adjust you departure times based on road and traffic conditions so that you arrive at Stevens Pass at least 90 minutes before your lesson begins. Check the Washington State DOT website (WSDOT) for current road conditions and here for directions.

Q: How early do I need to arrive at Stevens Pass to make my 10am or 1pm lesson?
You should arrive at the resort at least 90 minutes before your lesson start time to allow enough time to park, get your rental equipment and meet your lesson group. If you are using your own equipment, you should arrive at the Ski & Snowboard School sales office at least 15 minutes before your lesson starts to check in, or to sign up for a lesson if you have not made a reservation.

Q: I have a lesson reservation - when I get to Stevens Pass, where do I go first?
 If you require rental equipment go to the ground floor of the Tye Creek Lodge as seen here on the Stevens Pass Base Area Map. If you have your own ski/snowboard equipment, head straight for the Ski & Snowboard School building.

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Gear Questions:

Q: Are helmets included with the lesson program packages?
Answer: No, helmets are not included as part of the lesson program packages. Helmet rentals are available in the Stevens Pass Rental Tech Center for $11; request a helmet when you make your reservations.

Q: Where is the Rental Tech Center located?
Answer: The Rental Tech Center is located on the ground level of the Tye Creek Lodge as seen here on the Stevens Pass Base Area Map.

Q: How should I dress for a trip to Stevens?
Weather changes very quickly in the mountains so dress in layers so you can easily adjust; we suggest avoiding cotton clothes. Like any other outdoor activity the goal is to stay warm and dry when we are at rest and avoid getting sweaty when we are working.

  • Thin synthetic layers work best against the skin to keep you dry, followed by insulating layers that you can quickly add or remove depending on the temperature.
  • Waterproof snow/rain pants and jackets are a must as your outer layer. Jeans will get wet and cold very quickly.
  • Wear a warm hat and/or a helmet. We lose a lot of our heat out the top of our head; a warm hat will help your fingers stay warm. If you would like to rent a helmet, you may do so at the Stevens Pass Rental Tech Center. We also have a variety of hats for sale in our retail locations at Stevens Pass.
  • Waterproof gloves will help keep your hands dry and warm. If your hands get cold, add a layer to your body and more warm blood will make it to your fingertips.
  • Socks should not be too thick; you should wear only one pair of longer socks. Socks bunched up in your boot are uncomfortable and can make wearing boots painful. Dress your body warmly and your toes will be warm too.
  • Goggles are the best eye protection. They help keep the wind and snow out and help protect from the harsh glare of the sun off the snow. You can pick up a pair of goggles at one of our retail locations at Stevens Pass.

Q: What if I have my own equipment and/or season pass, but I want to take a group lesson?
Answer: You can purchase a group lesson for $50 at the Ski and Snowboard school sales office. For first-times and beginners we strongly suggest that you use our specially designed beginner rental equipment. Our lesson plan incorporates special features designed by the equipment manufacturers to accelerate your skills and make learning more enjoyable.

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Program Questions:

Q: When do lessons start?
The Easy 123, Easy Starter, and Progression Sessions start promptly at 10am and 1pm. Be at the meeting area geared up and ready to go no less than 15 minutes prior to your lesson start time.

Q: Where do I meet the lesson groups?
Answer: The Easy 123, Easy Starter, and Progression Session groups meet at the east end of the Ski & Snowboard School building as seen here on the Stevens Pass Base Area Map. If you have purchased the package at our rental shop, you do NOT need to check in at the Ski & Snowboard School office.

Q: Where do the lessons finish?
The Easy 123, Easy Starter and Progression Session lessons end at the east end of the Ski & Snowboard School building, right where they started.

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